Ko Un
  Translated Works

Japanese edition of Homeland Star, (Tokyo: Shincansha, Japan ,1989), tr. Kim Hak-Hyun
English edition of The Sound of My Waves (Selected poems 1960 ~ 1990) (Ithaca: Cornell University East Asia Series, 1992), tr.Brother Anthony of Taizé & Kim Young-Moo
Japanese edition of Garland Sutra: A Novel (Tokyo: Otzanomis, Japan, 1995), tr.Saekusa
German edition of Homeland Stars, Die Sterne Uber Dem Land Der Vater, (Frankfurt: Germany, Suhrkamp,1996), tr. Chei Woon- Jung
English edition of Selected Poems, Morning Dew (Sidney: Paper Bark Press, Australia, 1996), tr. Brother Anthony of Taizé & Kim Young-Moo
English edition of Sŏn(Zen) poems, Beyond Self, (Berkeley: Parallax, USA, 1997), tr Brother Anthony of Taizé & Kim Young-Moo
Spanish edition of selected poems, Fuente en Illamas (Mexico City: Collegio de Mexico, Mexico, 1998), tr. Suh Sung-Chul & Ontanon de Lope
Spanish edition of Sŏn poems Una Piedra en el Limite de los campos (Mexico City: Oro de la Noche editions, Primera edition, 1999), tr. Joung Kwon-Tae & Raul Aceves
French edition of Sŏn poems Qu'est-ce? (Paris: Maisonneuve & Larose, France, 2000), tr. No Mi-Sug & Alain Genetiot
Chinese edition of selected poems Daehwa(『對話』, Conversation) (Beijing: Jakka (作家出版社), China, 2000), tr. Park Jung-Il
German edition of selected poems, Ein Tag Voller Wind (Bielefeld: Pendragon, 2002), tr. Lim Jong-Dae & Jűrgen Abel
Swedish edition of selected poems, Fraga manskenet om vagen (Stockholm: Heidruns Forlag, 2002), tr. Choi Byung-Eun & K. Gunnar Berström
English edition of selected poems, Traveler Maps (Boston: Tamal Vista Publication, 2004), tr. David McCann
-- 2004-2005 Best Poetry Book Award by the Northern California Publishers and Authors Association
-- 2005 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Book of Poetry/Literary Criticism
French edition of selected poems, Sous un Poirier Sauvage (Belvel: Les Editions Circé, 2004), tr. Han Dae-kyun & Gilles Cyr
Spanish edition of Ten Thousand Lives, Diez Mil Vidas (Madrid: Editorial Verbum, 2004), tr. Kim Un-kyung & Jose Catalan
Czech edition of Flowers of a Moment, Kvêty Okamžiku, (Prague: Mlada Fronta, 2005), tr. Miriam Lowensteinova
Spanish edition of Sŏn poems What, Ananda, (Madrid: Editorial Casariego, 2005), tr. Joung Kwon-Tae
Spanish edition of selected poems, Fuente en Illamas (Madrid, Ediciones Linteo, 2005), tr. Suh Sung-Chul and Ontanon de Lope
Italian edition of Flowers of a Moment, Fiori d'un Instante (Venice: Editrice Cafoscarina, Italy, 2005), tr. Vincenza D'Urso
English edition of Garland Sutra: A Novel, Little Pilgrim, (Berkeley: Parallax, 2005), tr. Brother Anthony of Taizé and Kim Young-Moo
Swedish edition of Ten Thousand Lives and other poems, Tïotusen fotspår och andra dikter (Stockholm: Atlantis, 2005), tr. Han In-Ja & Carola Hermelin
-- one of 'The Books of Year 2005' selected by a Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
-- selected as one of 'Timeless Classics,' one of the textbooks for foreign literature for secondary school students in Sweden
English translation, Ten Thousand Lives (LA: Green Integer Press, 2005), tr. Brother Anthony at Taizé, Kim Young-Moo & Gary Gach
-- 2007 Northern California Book Awards for Translation.
German edition of Sŏn poems What, Was'n das? (Frankfurt: Angkor, 2005), tr. Hans Jürgen Zaborowsky
Japanese book, 「アジア」の渚で (At the Waterside), joint authorship with Janpanses poet, Yoshimas Kozo (Tokyo: Fugiwara Shoten, 2005)
English edition of selected poems, The Three Way Tavern (LA: UC Press, 2006), tr. Clare You & Richard Silberg
-- 2007 Northern California Book Award fot translation
English edition of Flowers of a Moment (New York: BOA, 2006), tr. Brother Anthony of Taizé, Kim Young-Moo & Gary Gach
-- Funded by The Lannan Foundation
-- 2007 Northern California Book Award for translation
-- one of 'Best Books of 2007', selected by The Monserrat Review
English edition of South and North, Abiding Places: Korea South and North (Vermont: Tupelo, 2006), tr. Sunny Jung & Hillel Schwartz
-- one of the 4 finalists for Balcones Poetry Prize of Austin Community College
Swedish edition of Flowers of a Moment, Stundens blomma (Stockholm: Atlantis, 2006), tr. In-Ja Han & Tommy Olofsson
-- one of 'The Books of the Year 2006', selected by a Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
German edition of selected poems, Beim Erwachen aus dem Schlaf (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2006), tr. Kim Miy-He & Sylvia Braesel
Japanese edition of selected poems, Has A Poem Come to You? (Tokyo: Fugiwara Publishers, 2007) tr. Kim Eung-Kyo, Sagawa Aki & Aoyagi Yuko
Swedish edition of Little Pilgrim, Ung pilgrim (Stockholm: Atlantis, 2007) tr. In-Ja Han & Lars-Olof Franzen
-- one of 'The Books of Year 2007,' selected by Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
Norwegian edition of What? (Oslo: Solum Forlag, 2007), tr. Jarne Byhre & Kramer Dahl
English edition of Songs for Tomorrow: Poems 1960-2002, (LA: Green Integer, 2008), tr. Brother Anthony of Taizé, Kim Young-Moo & Gary Gach
-- shortlisted as one of the three finalists for Northern California Book Award in Translation
Arabic version of Flowers of a Moment, (Cairo: National Center for Translation, 2008), Choi Jin-young, ed. Ashraf Abu at-tazid
English new edition of Sŏn Pomes, former Beyond Self, What? (Berkeley: Parallax, 2008) tr. Brother Anthony at Taizé & Kim Young-Moo
French editon of Ten Thousand Lives, Dix Mille Vies,(Paris: Belin, 2008) tr. Chung Ye-Young & Laurent Zimmermann
Italian edition of collected poems, L’Isola che canta(Singing Island): Antologya poetica (Faloppio(Co): LiteoColle, 2009), tr. Vincenza D’Urso
-- one of the four finalists for International Poetry Section of the 23rd Camaiore Poetry Prize
Polish edition of selected poems, Raptem deszcz(Sudden Rain)(Krakow: Znak, 2009), tr. Adam Szostkiewicz & Mieczysław Godyń
Spanish edition of selelcted poems, Málaga Milenaria(Málaga: University of Málaga, 2009), tr. Antonio J. Domenech, Kim Un-Kyung & Fernando Wulff
Spanish edition of one poem ‘Certain Joy’, Cierta alegria(Valladolid: El Gato Gris Ediciones de Poesia, 2009), tr. Kim Hyeon Kyun
Vietnamese edition of collected poems, bai hatngay mai(Songs for Tomorrow)(Hanoi: nha xuat ban hoi nha van, 2010), tr. Le Dang Hoan
awarded the 2011 Prize by the Vietnam Writers’ Association
Russian edition of Ten Thousand Lives (Moscow, Green Integer, 2010), tr. Stanislav Lee & Lee Eun-Kyung
German edition of Flowers of a Moment, BlUten Des Augenblicks (Berlin, Suhrkamp, 2011), tr. Hans-Jurgen Zaborowsky
French edition of Whisper , Chuchotements (Pais, Belin, 2011), tr. Alain Genetio & No Mi-Sug
Czech translation of selected poems, It’s... (to je) (Nova vlna, Millennium Publishing, 2011), tr. Miriam Lowensteinova & Park Mi-Young
Turkish edition of Ten Thousand Lives, On Bin Can (Ankara, urun yayinlari, 2011), tr. Eunkyung Oh
Turkish translation of selected poems, Songs for Tomorrow, Yarin Destani (Ankara, urun yayinlari, 2011), tr. Eunkyung Oh
English edition of Himalaya Poems (LA, Green Integer, 2011), tr. Brother Anthony at Taize & Lee Sang-Wha
English edition of selected poems This Side of Time (New York, White Pine Press, 2011), tr. Clare You and Richard Silberg
English translation of selected poems First Person Sorrowful (Bloodaxe Books, Northumberland, UK, 2012), tr. Brother Anthony at Taize and Lee Sang-Wha
Gaelic (Irish) translation of selected poems Scairt Feithide (Cry of an Insect) (An Sagart, Dublin, 2012) tr. Gabriel Rosenstock
--the first-ever translation of Korean poems into Gaelic
Polish edition ofTen Thousand Lives, MANINBO : DZIESIĘC TYSIĘCY ISTNIEń (Znak, Krakow, 2012), tr. Mieczysław Godyń & Adam Szostkiewicz
Arabic translation of selected poems, One Thousand & One Lives, (Al- Sad Publishing House, Dubai, UAE, 2012), tr. Ashraf Aboul-Yazid
--as one of Dubai Culture Monthly Books
Italian translation of Son poems What?, Cos’è?, (Rome: nottetempo, 2013), tr. Vincenza D’Urso
Czech translation of Maninbo (Ten Thousand Lives), Deset tisíc životů, (Prague: DharmaGaia, 2013), tr. Miriam Lowensteinova & Park Miyoung
Macedonian translation of Selected Poems (Struga Poetry Evenings, Struga, Macedonia, 2014), tr. Zoran Ančevski & Kang Kyoung-seon
Greek translation of Son poems What (Athens: Perispomeni, 2014) tr. Argyro Kasotaki-Gatopulou & Yoo Hana
English translation of Ten Thousand Lives(vols.11-20), Maninbo: Peace & War, (Bloodaxe Books, Northumberland, UK, 2015), tr. Brother Anthony at Taize and Lee Sang-Wha
Japanse Poetic Soul, joint author with Ishmure Michiko, (Fugiwara, Tokyo, Japan, 2015),
French edition of Flowers of a Moment(Circé, France, 2015), tr. Chung Ye-Young & Laurent Zimmermann
French translation of Himalaya Poems (Poems de l’Himalaya), (Aix en Provence: Descrescenzo Éditeurs, 2015), tr. No Misug & Alain Gnénetio
Spanish translation of selected poems, Time with Dead Poems (Unas horas con los poetas muertos), (Madrid: Huerga & Fierro, 2015), tr. Yong-Tae Min
Chine translation of selected poems, There are No Deceptions in Sorrow: Fifty Years of Adolescence 『喩有悲仿不撤㵁』 (Purui Culture: Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House, 2016), tr. Xue Zhou
Chinese translation of selected poems, Spring Days Have Been Kept Calmly 『春天 得以安葬』(Beijing: Thinking Kingdom Media Group, 2016) tr. Kim Dansil
Romanian translation of selected poems,  Time with Dead Poets  (Timp cu poeţi morţi ) (Bucharest: Tracus Arte, 2016), tr. Iolanda Prodan
Chinese translation of Himalaya Poems, (Hunan: Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House, 2016), tr. Kim Hak-Chul
Slovenian translation of selected poems, I Write in the Air (Pišem v zrak ) (Ljubljana: Beletrina, 2016), tr. Byoung Yoong Kang, Alešː Šteger, & Eva Vučkovič
Vietnamese translation of Maninbo, (Hanoi: Publishing House of Writers’ Association, 2016), tr. Le Dang Hoan 
Swedish translation of selected poems White Butterfly, vit fjäril (Atlantis, Stockholm, 2017), tr. Choi Sun-Kyung
Islandic translation of selected poems SORGIN Í FyRSTU PERSÓNU (Dimma, --2017), tr. Gyroir Eliasson
Bengali translation of selected poems, Silence of Sculls, 2017, tr. several young poets of Bengal
French translation of selected poems First Person Sorrowful, La premiere personne est triste (Serge Safran, Paris, 2017), tr. No Mi-Sug & Alain Genetio
Spanish version of Flowers of a Moment, Flores de un Momento (Linteo Poesia, Ourense, 2017), tr. Sung Chul Suh
Arabic translation of Himalaya Poems, (Cairo, 2017), tr. Kim Jong-do & Mahmoud Abd El Ghaffar
Mongolian translation of selected poems (УЛааНÓааΤар ХОТ, Ulaanbaatar, 2017), tr. Herger
Mongolian translation of SangWha Poems (УЛааНÓааΤар, Ulaanbaatar, 2018), tr. Herger
Spanish translation of selected poems, Poesía dejada atrás (Círculo de Poesía, Mexico City, 2018), tr. Mario Bojórquez et al.
English translation of short selected poems, A Certain Joy (Raza Foundation, New Delhi, 2019)
Taiwanese translation of Invocation of the Dead Spirits (Donmay Books, Taipei, Taiwan, 2020)
Tamil language of 24 Little Poems (pdf book, not for sale, Tamilnadu, India, 2020)
Conversations with Ko Un Un (Orient Black Swan, India, 2021)
  Works in progress
English edition of Sŏn: A Novel, (Sŏn: Boddhi Dharma and His Desciples) , to be published, tr. Clare You
Russian edition of Empty Space, in progress, tr. Stanislav Lee & Kim Byung Hak
Czech edition of Little Pilgrim, in progress, tr. Tomas Horak
Chinese translation of Son poems What, to be published by Hunan Literature & Art Publishing House, Shanghai, China, 2016, tr Kim Hak-Chul
Chinese translation of Flowers of a Moment, tr. Kim Hak-Chul 
English translation of Maninbo : A Boy in the Cave, tr. Brother Anthony of Taize & Lee Sang-Wha
English translation of Forest of Concepts, tr. Brother Anthony of Taize & Lee Sang-Wha
English Translation of Maninbo: Home Village, tr Bother Anthony of Taize and Lee Sang-Wha
Swedish translation of selected Poems, tr. Choi Sun-Kyoung
French translation of selected poems, tr. NO Misug & Alain Genetio
Chinese translation of seven-volume Poetry and Prose by Ko Un, Writers Publishing House (Beijing, China), tr. Xue Zhou, Xu Lihong, Jin Hezhe, Kim Danshi
German: Die Stimme leb in jedem Schweigen (Wien: Falter, 1989)
German: Lektüre zwischen den Jahren: Das Leben Lieben (Frankfurt: Surhrkamp, 1996) ed. Rainer Weiss
English: What Book !? (Berkeley: Parallax, 1998) , ed. Gary Gach
Dutch: De Zee, de zee: Gedichten uit de hele wereld (Van Gennep-Novib- Ncos, 1998) ed. Kathinka van Dorp
Israeli: Korean Love: A Selection of Poems from the 20th Century (Tel Aviv: Hakibbuutz Hameuchad, 2000)
Vietnamese: Selected Contemporary Korean Poems (Hanoi: NHA XUAT BAN HOI VAN, 2002)
The Heart as Origamy (Rising Fire, 2005)
Cinco Poetas Contemporaneos De Corea (Mexico City: ALDUS, 2006), tr. Joung Kwon-Tae & Jorge Orendain
Che in Verse (Wiltshire, UK: Aflame Books, 2007), ed. Gavin O'Toole & Georgino Jimenez
Side by Side: New Poems Inspired by Art Form Around the World, ed. Jan Greenberg (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2008)
Paisajes Coreanos, Luvina 65, (University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011, ed. Silvia Eugenia Castillero
Brief an Mandela, ed. Khalo Matabene, Sasha Anramsky, and Christian Beetz (Hafmans & Tolkemitt GmbH, Belin, Germany, 2014)
Chinese: 110 Modern World Poems: (Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Company(三聯書店), 2014) ‘Front of a Tree’ is included.
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En el lugar de la luz (Círculo de Poesía, Mexico City, 2018), ed. Mario Bojórquez, Ali Calderón et al
Pesem Sem (I Am A Poem)), (Lubuliana, Slovenia, 2018), compiled by Igor Saksida and Aleš Šteger
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